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Iqbal Mohammed Direct Access barrister

Injunctive work is a part of all of Iqbal's practice areas. His injunction expertise includes:



Injunctions restraining the use of trademarks or other intellectual property or data; resisting injunctions for breach of restrictive covenants in sale agreements or employment contracts; injunctions requiring access to or delivery up of machinery, vehicles or goods under hire purchase or lease agreements.




Iqbal has advised on and obtained freezing orders on a national and worldwide basis. He can advise on evidence, legal procedure and draft the orders.




Injunctions restoring possession after forfeiture or resisting such injunctions; injunctions requiring access to land; injunctions against trespassers including travellers on commercial property or land belonging to local authorities; injunctions restraining interference with or use of land, including restraining nuisance, protecting an easement or right of way.




Iqbal has acted in many applications to restrain the advertisement or presentation of a winding-up petition at short notice in the Rolls Building, Birmingham and Leeds Business & Property Courts.




  • In one of Birmingham's first remote hearings during the coronavirus, obtained a proprietary injunction against the owners of a villa in Portugal where its ownership was disputed, also obtaining an order to place the rental income into escrow

  • Acted in a significant application for a world-wide freezing injunction restraining the client's 20 properties and interests in some 6 companies

  • Successfully challenged an injunction to restrain advertisement of a winding up petition where the debt was capable of being paid but payment was refused by a cash-rich company

  • Obtained an urgent injunction within 48 hours to restrain the advertisement of a winding up petition over the Christmas period

  • Obtained an urgent injunction to preserve commercial property leased to a company which threatened to sell it

  • Obtained an order against a local authority preventing it from advertising a petition based on liability order where business rates were in dispute

  • Advised on an injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 following a campaign of harassment on social media

  • Acted on a claim for an injunction brought by a  landlord where the validity of the break notice was disputed

  • Obtained an injunction against the accountants of a defendant to compel the delivery of internal company accounts

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