Iqbal Mohammed is a barrister regulated by the Bar Standards Board & practices from St Philip Chambers.

Commercial Litigation

Iqbal's commercial practice includes the following work.




Breach of contract claims involving the supply of goods or services; share purchase disputes; claims under guarantees, indemnities or warranties; claims under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, Consumer Rights Act 2005 or Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. Iqbal was awarded a distinction on the LLM in 2008 for his paper on the Sale of Goods. Iqbal also has significant expertise in disputes relating to agents or agency agreements.




Claims for possession of mortgaged or charged land, indemnity claims, enforcement of judgments in England & Wales; and enforcement of judgments in the European Union. Iqbal has also drafted pleadings seeking to enforce judgments obtained in the United States.




Claims involving banks and financial institutions including the enforcement of financial agreements; disputes over facilities or other financial services; challenging legal charges or mortgage agreements.




  • Won a £1.12m claim for specific performance and breach of contract arising out of a refusal to honour an expert determination on a rent review 

  • Obtained summary judgment/strikeout of a £2.1m claim against a client who had been sued in a personal vendetta by a convicted criminal

  • Succeeded in a £1.5m claim listed for a 3-day trial, seeking recovery of property given as security, defended on the grounds that there was no indebtedness 

  • Representing a company in a £1.6m breach of contract claim, arising out of the flooding of a private hospital where the client held a contract for maintenance

  • Successfully defended a £130,000 claim arising out of a commercial mortgage with a Cypriot bank