Iqbal Mohammed

Experienced Barrister in Birmingham

Associate, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Tel: 0121 246 7000

Outside working hours: 0330 350 0660


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The exact work required, the fees charged and all other terms will be agreed in a client care letter, which is the contract between the client and the barrister. The client must always pay before any work commences.


The fee charged is determined by a number of factors, including the type of case, court, volume of documents and number of parties. A quote is always provided first and, if it is accepted, a client care letter will then be prepared.


Generally, Iqbal’s fees are charged either on an hourly basis if the amount of work required is likely to take less than 4 hours; a half day basis if it is 4 hours or slightly more; or, a day basis if it is 6 hours or more.


Iqbal’s fees are quoted upfront in writing and never exceed the amount quoted for the piece of work agreed. Therefore, the client will always know what they are paying, when it is to be paid and what they have got for that fee.


VAT is charged on all fees if you are based in the UK. VAT is not charged to Iqbal's international clients. For further information on the benefits of using Iqbal if you are based abroad, please see here.


Public Access can offer a tremendous saving if used correctly. However, it can never replace the legal service offered by both solicitor and barrister used together.


For more information on Public Access, please read this guidance prepared by the Bar Standards Board.